milano - New York

NoMad Hotel New York - 2010

Hotel Des In des - La Hague - 2004

Mr Wynn Las Vegas - 2002

ACE Hotel New York - 2009

Victor Hotel, Miami - 2002

Hotel La Reserve, Geneva - 2004

Hospitality consultancy facilitating the entry of US-based funds, real estate investors, and hoteliers into the Italian Luxury hospitality market. Our expertise  is to provide a unique vision that  underlies the implementation of the most successful strategies for market share, wealth creation, and exit strategies in the upward cycle of the segment of boutique hotels in Italy and Greece.

leonardo annecca

I am an architect and hotel asset manager, driven by my passion for creating boutique hotels.

My journey began in Milano, where I was raised. I pursued my academic education in Paris and worked alongside stars designers such as Philip Starck and Jacques Garcia. Having spent most of my life in New York City, I developed an intercontinental experience in crafting successful strategies for boutique hotel investors.

My innate ability to create forward-thinking  strategies for luxury hotels stems from my expertise as a concept architect and a solid financial background as a hotel asset manager.

Currently, I reside in Milan, where I advise American hospitality firms on entering the European markets.

how I work

Successful hospitality investments are built upon a robust collaborative effort led by a forward-thinking vision for the venture. Vision is crucial to executing any creative or financial strategy to outperform competitors. Vision stems from a creative use of multi-industry experiences, education, and approaches.

In today’s hospitality markets, it is vital to strictly implement strategies to remain aligned with the original vision. This ensures the creation of unique hotels, brands, a strong competitive advantage, and maximized cash flows, resulting in economic and financial success.

As a hospitality advisor, I position myself as an indispensable bridge between US investors, funds, and hoteliers seeking to enter the Italian luxury hospitality field to implement market share, wealth creation or re-positioning strategies.


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a strategic bridge to the Italian hospitality industry 

Market share: Italy, Greece, France

Collaborating with US funds, American real estate firms, and hoteliers to execute their market share plans in the European local hospitality markets. Spearheading collaborative endeavors among brokerage firms, banks, and hotel operators.

Hotel's real estate

We are meticulously scouting for hotel’s real estate in Italy, Greece, and France. We conduct independent searches for dismissed or undervalued hotel properties and collaborate with a robust network of local brokerages. Our unique competitive advantage lies in our vision for the potential of each property, based on architecture and financial valuation.

Hotels's Repositioning & Branding

Repositioning and rebranding are at the core of our consultancy. We base our strategies on a business vision that goes beyond the surface of a brand’s visual identity. We emphasize collateral branding as a major factor in driving high ADR and occupancy rates.

Hotels turnaround and exit strategy

We specialize in identifying seldom-considered small to medium size hotels, renovating and rebranding them, and providing high-level management services to elevate them to peak market potential and optimize the exit strategy.

Wealth creation strategy

The successful implementation of this wealth creation strategy we have developed over the years, based on a unique architectural vision and business plan, applies to segments of small-medium-sized boutique hotels. In fact, the transformation of dismissed real estate through our business plan usually has a tremendous impact on the sales value of the asset.

Boutique Hotels concepts

Crafting successful boutique hotel concepts is part of our core mission as consultants. We advise property owners and investors on how to turn existing real estate properties into highly successful boutique hotels with outstanding ROI by crafting design and business plans that rely on our unique experience.

Hotels management

We facilitate communication and collaboration between ownership and hotel operators, including GMs, to effectively execute asset management strategies and achieve our shared vision.

We directly undertake the hotel management of small Boutique hotels in Italy and Greece.

Hotels real estate transactions

We serve as independent consultants, offering our expertise to purchasers or investors, in the regional markets of Italy, France, and Greece by strategically assembling and managing the appropriate teams of brokerages, attorneys and financial brokerages, to accomplish successful  real estate transactions.


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